4 Ways To Encourage Your Affiliates To Promote Through Backpack

4 Ways To Encourage Your Affiliates To Promote Through Backpack

So you’ve created your funnel, set up your autoresponders and created a killer email drip campaign. But if you have traffic that leaves a lot to be desired, then all this would go to waste.

You can rack your brain coming up with strategies to drive traffic, be it inbound or paid. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic into your funnel, but one of the most effective ways to drive traffic without exerting full-on effort (not to mention, cost) is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing where affiliates earn commissions from promoting brands, businesses or products. The more conversion to sales they make, the more commissions they earn. It’s a win-win strategy for marketers and even more so for your business.

Why? Because you spend less time marketing and you get to tap into the other marketers’ traffic-base. Just to show you how valuable affiliate marketing can be for your business, here are some key benefits:

1. It drives a large volume of traffic to your website

2. It helps you reach out to a new market by tapping into your affiliates existing market

3. It helps you cut down on marketing cost because other marketers will do the marketing for you

If you’ve enough experience in affiliate marketing, awesome! You’re a couple steps ahead.  You already have an idea how it’s not really easy to manage and nurture an affiliate system. If not, then check out these 4 tips you can use to encourage your affiliates to promote your product!

Tip #1: Ask Your Affiliates to Refer You to Potential Affiliates

Arrange a rewards program depending on how many successful recruits an affiliate makes. Create affiliate recruitment emails and tell them what’s in it for them to refer you to more potential affiliates and incentivise them for their efforts.

Not only will you gain more affiliates, but your existing affiliates will enjoy the benefit of incentives for every potential affiliate they successfully convert or earn commissions when their recruits hit an ideal amount of sales.

While they earn commissions from sales, they will also earn incentives for every new affiliate they sign up to the program!

Essentially you’re creating a “Tier 2” affiliate commission for when people bring on affiliates and they promote below them. This is generally a lower % than the “Tier 1” affiliate commission.


To do this in Backpack, simply go to Commission Plans, choose the commission plan you want to edit, click Add New Tier and set the amount of commission for your Tier 2 affiliates. Easy, right?


Tip #2: Let Them Know That Everything They Need is in One System

Choose a system that is very easy to set-up and operate, something integrate into their marketing with ease. A system where they can track their sales and performance metrics in one place reassures them that there is transparency.

Backpack is very easy to set-up and will streamline your management processes. You can integrate it into  your sales funnel which saves you time.

What’s more is that the Backpack dashboard is very easy to navigate letting you familiarise yourself quickly so you can concentrate more on growing your affiliate business.


Tip #3: Pay Your Affiliates On Time

Paying on time will give your affiliates the impressions that it’s worth their while to market for you aside from promoting a product they believe in. Your affiliates will be more than willing to promote for you if you can address their fear of not being paid.

The best thing to do this is to have a management system that notifies you when there are payments made, payments due and future payments like that of Backpack.


Tip #4: Make it Easy for Your Affiliates to Promote  

Take out all the complicated processes out of affiliate marketing and streamline the processes by providing them materials they can use in promotions such as banners, ad copies, scripts, anything that can save them time.


Tip #4.5: Autoresponders and Email Marketing

Autoresponders and email drips add a personal and professional touch to your affiliate marketing. Prepare your emails, autoresponders and the Affiliate Recruitment Email I mentioned earlier with the Email Builder from Actionetics!

Tip #4.6: Killer Ad Content and Scripts

I mentioned earlier how creating materials to provide your affiliates would be a nice incentive for them since it reduces the time they need to promote your products. If you want to create quick content for your ads, emails and anything else you may need for marketing, give Funnel Scripts a try!



ClickFunnels Action Steps

Affiliate systems are easy to manage if and only if you use the right system that works for you.

Enter Backpack.

Backpack is ClickFunnels’ affiliate management system that lets  you easily integrate your affiliate system into your funnels. Set-up and integration is straightforward.


How to Navigate Backpack

Step 1: Log in to ClickFunnels

Step 2: Click Backpack

Step 3: The Dashboard section will show you how your affiliates are doing, how much sales they made, how much you need to pay, etc.

Step 4: The Affiliates section is where you can view all your existing affiliates and where you can add or export new affiliate data into your system.


How to Manage Affiliates

1. Click Add New Affiliate and enter your new affiliate’s data.

2. Click Export CSV to add existing affiliates’ data.

Step 5: The Commissions section is where you can review affiliate commissions.


Step 6: The Payments section is where you can view commission due, paid commissions and future payments.


Step 7: The Commission Plans section is where you will create commission plans and set how much commission each type of affiliates will receive.


How to Add Commission Plans

1. Click Add Commission Plan

2. Enter the information asked such as the name of the commission plan, currency of payment and status of the commission plan.


3. Click Add Affiliate Type to segment the affiliates qualified for the commission plan


4. Click Add New Tier and set the amount of commissions, payment type and months before payout


Step 8: The Affiliate Type section is where you can add affiliate types and segment them according to their levels or tiers.


Step 9: The Affiliate Funnels section is where you can manage your existing affiliate funnels

Now that you have an idea of what you can do to drive more traffic into your sales funnel, it’s easy to figure out that the key is to let your affiliates know how easy it is for them to promote your products and that the rewards more than make up for their efforts!

What methods do you use to encourage your affiliates to promote your products?

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