Let’s get this out of the way upfront: the It Works Ultimate Body Applicators (aka the It Works Body Wraps) are not the typical body wraps that you are used to seeing. They do not get rid of water weight, only to have you looking the same way you originally did the second you drink a glass of water. They are not sweat wraps. You don’t have to get wrapped head to toe like a mummy, and you certainly don’t have to cover yourself in mud like a farm animal. LOL. Those are the wraps of old.

Welcome to 2015.

the skinny cutWe’ve personally used the It Works Body Wraps  and our results have lasted, as have thousands of clients… from stylists and students to nurses and homemakers. Everyone wants to feel and look beautiful, which is why the wraps fit so perfectly into the business model of a salon. You have someone already walking through the front door wanting to look better, and along with your already existing services, offering them a wrap at the same time kills two birds with one stone. And let’s face it, fast and convenient is how we want everything.

Well… almost everything ;)

Point is, I’ve met lots of customers who tell me that they have spent hundreds of dollars on spa visits and did not get the results that they’ve seen with that crazy wrap thing. You know what that tells us? That tells us that salon owners could be making a lot of money selling the It Works Body Wraps. We all like money, and your customers all want to look good. Why in the world wouldn’t you sell it?

We have no trained background in the beauty industry and we are very successful thanks to It Works Global. By very successful, we mean we run this business , part-time. This was all because we wanted to look good in a beech outfits, tried the product and loved it. We immediately saw how easy it was to sell and contacted our distributor to sign up. Since then, We’ve been making money and helping people look their best.

Let’s get creative with this. Would you be curious to find out more if a local salon offered something called “The Skinny Cut”?

Of course you would. Why? Because well, what the hell is it? LOL. Glad you asked! ;)

Have your client sit down in your chair to get their hair cut and give them a wrap to wear at the same time. In as little as 45 minutes – which in some instances is faster than some haircuts – your client just tightened, toned and firmed whatever part of their body they just stuck a wrap on. Did they also have cellulite? Well they just reduced the appearance of that too. All while you’re doing your thing, snipping away.

What is THIS, you say? It’s amazing is what it is. It’s guaranteed money, is what it is.

We’ll be completely honest with you here when we say that we WISH we owned some sort of a salon before finding these wraps. Don’t get us wrong, we have done extremely well WITHOUT one, but knowing the potential in having a salon or stylist sign up as a distributor for these wraps… you are literally sitting on a goldmine. Some of the most successful distributors in this company are in the salon industry; one of which makes 6 figures now. A MONTH. All from just $200 investment.

There are salons all over the country earning money from their COMPETITORS. Ah… now that just got your attention didn’t it ;) Hehe, we won’t bore you with those details… at least not on here. But feel free to email us so we can tell you how it’s actually done.

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